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The FAIR LAW legal firm is composed of experienced lawyers and attorneys, representing the rights & the interests of private individuals and enterprises, especially in French-speaking cantons.


We offer a wide range of services while privileging quality and above all a respectful & humane approach. Backed by outstanding professional expertise and a wide experience, our team members offer personalized and efficient approach to each case entrusted to them.


Raphaëlle Nicolet

Raphaelle Nicolet is a specialised lawyer in penal law, a field in which she benefits from a vast experience. Her practice focuses on civil law, family law, labour law & contract law. She is fluent in French, English & Spanish. She occasionally handles cases also in German. During 2019, she worked for Vovan Trocadelyo Group in Bangkok where she provided legal advice to Swiss residents & enterprises related to Thai law & Swiss law, as well as advices concerning legal issues related to Switzerland to the Thai nationals. Her proficiency in multi-languages, her legal professionalism in various fields such as aviation & education and also her life experience & working abroad, allows her to provide adapted legal advice to a vast clientele.

Criminal law  I   Civil law  I  Family law  

Labor law  I  Contract law


Pavel Vasilevski

Pavel Vasilevski graduated magna cum laude from University of Lausanne (UNIL) with a Master’s degree in Commercial & Comparative law. He obtained his bachelor degree from University of Neuchâtel. As a result of many years spent in entrepreneurship and the administration of commercial companies, including in times of crisis, Mr. Vasilevski fast understands his clients’ needs and offers them adequate and efficient solutions. The various responsibilities he has maintained in numerous financial companies, which were subject to supervision by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA or Self-regulatory organisations (SROs), have enabled him to acquire strong skills in the area of financial supervision. 


Mr. Pavel Vasilevski has a great passion for entrepreneurship and new technologies in the financial field. He provides legal advice in many languages, respectively, in French, English & Russian. 

Corporate law  I  Commercial law  I  Financial law

Civil liability or Tort law I  Debt enforcement & Bankruptcy law.